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User eXperience - UX

Thinking a strategic experience
For us, the essence of UX is a user centric methodology focus on the satisfaction of the end users (often based on the product memorability).

In order to accomplish that we define and meet users problematic (eg. interview, ground analyse, personas…) to develop a user empathy and then we work on the product strategy to finally adapt a design methodology that match user’s feeling and company’s strategy.

Interaction Design - IxD

Project the vision in time span
Having focus on IxD design is the mark of design center company with large added value. With skills and inspiration the interactions are made from a single module to a complete workflow. With the modules we create are focus on meaningful behavioral response. With the workflow we prototype (high or low fidelity) give a vision in time span.

Ixd will help testing the project in the early stage. This tool help us adjusting it in fonction of the aim of the project (eg. learnability, efficience, memorability, easiness…)

User Interface - UI

Naturally translate vision in screens
From the graphic look and feel to the assets strategy (eg. atomic design) or the guidelines (eg. responsive templates, graphic layout, acdesibility) we give a projection of the project reality. Assuring his visual affordance reducing noise and distraction in the user interface for any device or place.

We keep up with the implementation to make sure the final result match the vision.
co design


Include users in a collaborative methodology
This is a workshop methodology gathering a large immersion going from users vision and company strategy to the pragmatic technical vue.

Each project using this collaborative ADN will see smart and often innovative solutions immerge. In order to make sure we meet the needs or to calculate the product ROI in terme of satisfaction we also do user testing (eg. quality, A/B).

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