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Adapting the command software to contain emergencies


DCNS is the leader of naval construction for defense.

In the command center every second count especially when an event occur (fire, missile strike, water leak…)

My contribution
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Maquette générale

The project


Their command center needed an update in order to be ready for the coming challenge. IT is disrupting a lot of domain and military is one of them. Between the health monitoring of the crew and the thousand of captor everywhere on the boat. That make a lot of information to proceed for the crew in the command center and the old tool are not efficient enough in this context. So we put together a lab with the propose to use the latest technologies to improve the uses in boats.

The challenges

One soft to follow the boat

1 - Sharing a situation and follow up instantly
2 - Working simultaneously on the same software

The solution

UX issues

Before, in the command room they were using a white board in complement of the it system because it was quicker. We decided to use a surface table go 50 inches for the team in charge for multi gesture and instant share of situation. With this piece of equipment we solve the sharing problem and fit in the use process that work.

The UI challengee

This was for the hardware part but we also had to improve the software part. Starting with a new watch tool for this device connected with the ship IT. As our user are trained expert with hight knowledge of their work we could go further in the gesture language. Doing that we could improve efficiency.

Maquette générale

Polishing hypothesis by testing


By being in a very controlled environment we could use simulator to polish the solution. And I am really proud to be the first designer of this innovative process.

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