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Digital wallet

Disrupting banking services

My position

Lead designer

My mission was to adapt their existing banking services into the mobile world. Of course we also take advantage of the mobiles possibility to enhance some functionalities.

Sopra Banking Software (SBS) is a leading software provider to over 600 banks and financial institutions worldwide.

My contribution
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The strategy


As SBS is a software editor these apps will be use a demonstrator that could be customizable for their clients. In consequences we decide to stick in the limits of the iOS and Android Guidelines. This way the apps could be easily adaptable in their shapes and style for the banks who need it.

The banking network

The pin point

Back in 2014 some companies (paypal, google wallet) came to the financial ground by the mobile side. So traditional banks feel the need to take advantage of their own leverage. These are traceability, user trust and their electronic payment terminal network.

Using the wallet leverage to get more shops and encourage customers to go in these shops with smart offers based on their localisation and habits of consummation.


QR paiement

Having a closer look to the situation : the consumer have his mobile with the reduction so why not using camera to pay. We just need to use a QR code and make sure the workflow between the phone and the feedback for the shop is quick enough.

Note : Today, paiement by phone are usual with disrupting companies WeChat Pay and Tencent Pay but in 2014 it was just the beginning. This why this project needed to be in this portfolio.


Redo from the begining an Android and iOS app to get back in the race of the top online banking.


Adapting the command software to contain emergencies