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Taking care of Customers by empowerment

My position

Lead designer

Using an app for customers to use inside shops in order to help them choosing with clear informations.

The challenge

Did you ever get in a shop asking question about an item and realize you know more about it than the seller. Bad user experience. More than that you may like to use the waiting time to gather informations or narrow your choices. These are the problems we were dealing with but on top of that there was the constraints of SFR shop strategy in it self.

My contribution
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Maquette générale

My role

As an external part as a team working in the innovation for customer in SFR. I started working on the project after a large field study to propose solutions for enhancing the shopping experience. Imagining the UX and then deducing an UI for a quick testing in some beta shops.

The solution

We organize the solution around the customers personae where we determined needs. First of all I should say that on arriving customers are welcome and we propose them to download the app using the free wifi of each store. This way you can keep it temporary or not, choice is yours. If they keep the app they could use wifi of any SFR shop.

Maquette générale
Maquette générale

Personae Novices

Well their is many type of client and many type of advice from the novices to the techies. The novice don’t know much about the tech description and they don’t care they want a translation in term of use. We propose a tree map questionary based on usages to narrow the choice of phone or network plans.

Personae Busy Bee

No time to loose for them. They know what they want, they plan their visit and they expect quick services. Making the queue is the worst experience for them. The problem for SFR they can’t plan a interview in advance for some organisation reasons. They were not ready for that yet. So after some time we imagine the digital waiting. Busy bee present himself to the store and get placed in the digital waiting list with a real time estimation of the waiting time. After that they can go to other places around until their time come. The SFR shop are most of the time situated in shopping area like mall or city center. This way the experience meet the planification habit of our users.

Maquette générale
Maquette générale

Personae Techies

The techies know a lot about tech description or at least understand it. They need to see the correlation between phone price and plans for SFR and also all the goodies they could take with their phone (case protector, extra SD card memory….). For them we put in place QR code on the general phone description in order to go to the description directly. Another functionality they need is exhausting choice so a simple catalogue is also needed.


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